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[MylfXMandyFlores] Mandy Flores (Possession Spell Trilogy)

Part1: You are police detective Mandy, going to a suspect’s house to ask him some questions about a recent murd3r. The suspect answers the door to come face to face with you. You say you’d like to talk to him about a recent murd3r. The suspect starts to panic and he starts to realize that you already know that he was the murd3erer. That’s when he gets desperate and uses a possession spell that he found online to take over you. He initiates the spell when you go to arrest him and make contact with his skin. It causes you to convulse and spasm until you [email protected] out. You wake up only to realize that he is in complete control of your body. He is now in complete shock that the spell actually worked. He takes his previous body , which you are in now and drags it off to tie it up. Then he uses his time to do some role-play and get “acquainted” with his new body before he has to go back to doing “her” job.*

Genre: 18+MYLF




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